How Should I Get Back Into a Running Routine?

Posted on October 7, 2008 | by

Q: I used to run every day and then I had kids. Now that they’re getting older, I’m starting to run again. Should I run every day (if even for only 10-15 minutes), or should I space it out and run more each time I run (like 30 minutes every other day)?

A: I am the mother of three children, as well as an avid runner, so on a personal note . . . good for you! Kudos for having the desire to integrate this supremely beneficial habit back into your busy life.

Running is such a wonderful exercise that is good not only for the body (burning calories and promoting cardiovascular health and fitness), but also for the mind (a really healthy way to burn off stress—especially the stress of mothering and performing the balancing act that so many of us moms try to do).

I am a big advocate of getting in daily aerobic exercise, so in answer to your question, I suggest aiming for running on a daily basis, even if you have to alternate walk/running at first.

Because you are returning from a break in your former routine, take the time to build your endurance back up slowly. Just make sure you have medical clearance and that you get in a proper warm-up and cool-down (and stay hydrated) with each exercise bout.

Good luck and perhaps I’ll see you out on the running trail!

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