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What the Readers Say About Cholesterol Down
Cholesterol Down Book

Got Great Results!!

This was on my Christmas list. Had my blood work done Sept, 2013, results as followed:

Total Cholesterol-231

Read the book, made a list of the 10 guidelines, taped it to the wall near the kitchen sink, tweaked it to my liking.

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Low Cholesterol

No drugs needed - let food be your medicine

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and PhD explains how food can be as effective as drugs. Food that has no negative side effects. Her recommendations are easy to incorporate into your daily diet and are delicious.

– Plant girl

Thank you for writing your awesome book "Cholesterol Down"  Was taking Crestor and began losing my memory, stopped that.  I am 76 but too young to be goofy :) Will live by your advice and be healthy and happy. God bless you my dear Doctor :) :)  

– Judith Adams
Low Cholesterol

Didn't think it was possible! Boy was I wrong!!! From 251 to 218 in 2 weeks!

WOW!!! I actually read this very informative book in 1 day! There really are 10 simple things you can eat/do to get your cholestrol under control. I followed 6 of the 10 things and saw my cholesterol drop from 251 down to 218 in 2 weeks. This is a winner!

– RealLoveIs
Lower Cholesterol

It Worked

I did this diet, and my cholesterol dropped from 257 to 197. As soon as I went off of it, my cholesterol went back up. I now take the lowest dose of Lipitor, and follow the guidelines as much as possible.

– Maria Verde

I've had high cholesterol all my life, but heart scans (EBT) and carotid ultrasounds (IMT) never showed any reason for concern - until recently when I repeated an IMT after my 60th brithday and it showed my plaque burden elevating slightly above trend for my age.

My physician prescribed a statin and I almost started them until I paused and realized I did not want to start a lifelong pharceutical commitment without exploring alternatives to improving my cholester (210 LDL, 287 Total at this point).

After researching online I found your book "Cholesterol Down" and can report after eight weeks of following most (not all) of your regimen I was able to lower my number to 155 LDLc and 233 Total. And without statins! Thank you for writing this book.

I will continue to adhere to your program and look forward to further improvements in my hyperlipidemia. Oh, I was also borderline pre-diabteic and that was corrected as a result of following your advice. I can't say it enough, "Thank you."

– Jim Conant

I have been following your cholesterol and blood pressure plans for approximately one year and have had remarkable results.

My total cholesterol went from 240mg/dl to 190mg/dl and my blood pressure went from 140/90 to 120/80. My doctor is amazed at my progress. When I explained that I had read your books and was following your 10 step plans he took down your information for reference.

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to explain your programs in easy to follow terms.

I was a whisker away from meds and now I am in better health that I was 20 years ago. Thanks!

– Bill (Florida)
Low Cholesterol

The best book on the subject ... without a doubt !

I bought this book and I think it may have saved my life. Within three months I was able to take control of my cholesterol. Even though you may feel that you have to continue to take statins after reading it ... this book will give you a good, solid understanding of the subject. I highly recommend it to everyone with the need to know about this silent killer.

– R. Mustafa "The Pedestrian"

This is one great book. WHY HADN'T I HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE??? (Yes, I'm screaming). Why you ask? Because my cholesterol profile was awful. I can't take statins (muscle weakness; besides, now they're implicated in causing diabetes!)... 

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Low Cholesterol

It worked for me!

This year my cholesterol went from healthy numbers to dangerously high with a total cholesterol of 308 and an LDL (bad cholesterol) of 232 (normal is under 130, optimal under 100).

Given that I'm a health care provider, this scared me. I'm at an optimal weight, run and walk daily, lift weights and eat a healthy diet. I was eating a relatively low carb diet when those values were drawn.

After under four weeks on Dr. Brill's program I was retested and my total cholesterol is now 184, my LDL is down to 119.

I will continue to follow this program. I could not find Benecol in Wisconsin so I used the Cholest-off Plus supplement instead. I was consistent, each day I got at least 8 or 9 of the 10 things done.

I'm very pleased. Thank you Dr. Brill!

– Sarah A. Gregory
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