By Dr. Janet Brill

Low Cholesterol Food
Barley is a low cholesterol food.

Barley can be labeled as one of the healthiest breakfast meals. A cereal grain, barley is loaded with vitamins and is used in different ways. In fact, it dates back to as early as the Stone Age. It won’t be wrong to say that barley is one of the oldest grains on earth.

Barley is used in soups for making broth, used as a malt base for producing beer, for creating barley bread, and even used as animal fodder. This ancient whole-grain is absolutely cholesterol free and boasts of multiple benefits.
Barley is a great source of fiber. One cup of barley contains around 6 grams of fiber that helps promotes regular bowel movements. Besides, the fiber makes you feel full for a longer time. That ultimately prevents the cravings for food and helps in weight loss.

Controls blood sugar levels
Barley contains essential amino acids that help regulate blood sugar levels. Including barley in the regular diet is especially effective for people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Barley contains beta-glucan soluble fiber that help reduce blood glucose reaction which diabetic people often feel after having a meal.

Lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease
Barley is a low cholesterol food that lowers LDL – the bad cholesterol. The high beta-glucan fiber content in barley is considered more effective in lowering bad cholesterol as compared to wheat and rice. Moreover, studies have proven that reducing LDL also leads to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Great source of zinc
Barley is a rich source of zinc that helps heal injuries and also works wonders for your skin.

Make this ancient high-fiber, high-protein whole grain a regular part of your daily diet and you will be blessed with good health!

Different types of barley are available in market. While pearled barley is a refined variant, hulled barley, which is also known as whole-wheat barley, has only its outer layer removed. It may take more time to cook and chew, but hulled barley is the best choice as far as high nutrition is concerned.

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