Blood Pressure Down: Making BP Control Easy, Drug-free and Healthy

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Learning and Creativity has recently published a review of the book, ‘Blood Pressure Down’.

Here are the excerpts of the review:

“It’s not just another book on high blood pressure. In fact, it’s a guide to fitness and a healthy heart, especially for those suffering from high blood pressure as it addresses everything from the concept of hypertension to suggesting effective solutions to control and maintain a healthy blood pressure.”

“The best thing about the book is its in-depth research that goes into writing the book, which is quite evident from the references and scientific aspects provided by the author to prove her point.”

“It’s not one of those books that preach, preach and preach. ‘Blood Pressure Down‘ offers effective and easy-to-follow checklists and dietary plans that will help you keep a check on your blood pressure.”

“My recommendation is – go for this book! You will need it more in your kitchen than on your book shelf or in the library.”

Read the complete here – Learning And Creativity

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