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Blood Pressure Down: Making BP Control Easy, Drug-free and Healthy

Learning & Creativity |  January 9, 2014 Review by: Pankaj Sharma

It’s not just another book on high blood pressure. In fact, it’s a guide to fitness and a healthy heart, especially for those suffering from high blood pressure as it addresses everything from the concept of hypertension to suggesting effective solutions to control and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

The best thing about the book is its in-depth research that goes into writing the book, which is quite evident from the references and scientific aspects provided by the author to prove her point.

It’s not one of those books that preach, preach and preach. ‘Blood Pressure Down‘ offers effective and easy-to-follow checklists and dietary plans that will help you keep a check on your blood pressure.

My recommendation is – go for this book! You will need it more in your kitchen than on your book shelf or in the library.

Blood Pressure Down: The 10-Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks Without Prescription Drugs

More Magazine |  January 07, 2014 Review by: Nancy Stedman

Almost one in three Americans over 20 has high blood pressure, which is considered one of the most treatable causes of heart disease and strokes. Yet a majority of people with the condition fail to keep their blood pressure under control, at least in part because hypertensive medications produce lots of side effects, like fatigue. Blood Pressure Down presents a credible plan to lower your blood pressure without medication via diet, exercise and stress reduction. Some key foods include kiwis (almost as much potassium as bananas but with half the calories), low-fat yogurt (tons of calcium), dark chocolate (packed with flavanols) and red wine (it combines the benefits of antioxidants and alcohol). The book also recommends a daily glass of low-sodium vegetable juice as a way to get a megadoseof potassium.

Blood Pressure Down: The 10–Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks–Without Prescription Drugs

Today's Dietitian | October 07, 2013 Review by: Lenora Dannelke

In Blood Pressure Down, Brill highlights the fact that behavior changes can strongly influence blood pressure and employs the DASH principles in her lifestyles therapy plan. By following her plan, patients and clients can avoid undesirable side effects and eliminate the expense of blood pressure medications.

Righting Hypertension

Energy Times | July 22, 2013 Review by: Lisa James

“Brill’s contribution is to combine DASH with other helpful advice and break it all down into 10 easy-to-follow steps. From losing that crucial first five pounds, through cutting out salt, adding key foods such as spinach and crucial supplements including vitamin D, and finally adding exercise, the idea is to present one manageable task at a time instead of overwhelming the reader with too much information at once-an overload that for many newly diagnosed patients leads to lifestyle paralysis and poor pressure control.”

Blood Pressure Down: The 10–Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks–Without Prescription Drugs

Make Ahead Meals For Busy Moms | May 30, 2013 Review by: Jane

“Dr. Janet thoroughly explains high blood pressure and does it in a way we can all understand…Since this book arrived, I go back to the lists when making my grocery shopping list. I feel inspired to buy more foods rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium and eliminate the higher sodium junk that can creep into my diet.
I honestly love the way I feel when I eat better and it really does help you shed those unwanted pounds.”

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks Without Prescription Drugs

Self Help Daily | May 08, 2013 Review by: Joi

“Yet, Janet Bond Brill makes everything beautifully clear. When I read her books,
I always find myself wishing she’d taught my biology classes. She puts everything “within reach” of her readers, which is wonderful of her considering this is life and death information…This book presents a DOABLE action plan. You’re given 10 clear steps that you can begin implementing the very day you open the book.

Blood Pressure Down book is for ANYONE, whether you have high blood pressure now, have a family history of high blood pressure, love someone who has high blood pressure, or simply want to eat healthy as a preventive step.”

The Blood Pressure Down Plan

Weight Loss Exercise Diet | May 14, 2013

Blood Pressure Down takes six individual blood-pressure-lowering foods – all scientifically shown to independently reduce blood pressure – and combines them on a daily basis with a manageable amount of weight loss, salt restriction, exercise, and relaxation. Combining all these proven blood-pressure-lowering strategies is as effective as combining several types of blood-pressure-lowering drugs.

Bookend Chronicles

Blood Pressure Down

Bookend Chronicles | May 10, 2013 Review by: Gigi Frost

Blood Pressure Down is the ultimate tool chest that provides a wealth of ideas and information on how to lower blood pressure and take less prescription drugs. This is not a quick fix, or band-aid, or an ultimate cure-all. It gives a straight forward way to understand what is potentially damaging and how to tweak bad habits without going to the extreme.

Brill's clever approach and deft knowledge has taken on both the psychological and physiological factors of a healthier lifestyle to deliver the most comprehensive, sustainable and empowering program. The approach can be personalized to each reader's needs; whether a person is already on a different plan, has a prescription or is under therapy, it is incredibly modifiable.

Never has it been easier than what is laid out in Blood Pressure Down, it's time for every individual to take responsibility and acknowledge when enough is enough.

Woman Around Town

Blood Pressure Down - You Are What You Eat

Woman Around Town | May 08, 2013 Review by: Charlene Giannetti

The Ten Step program is so obvious it's brilliant. The way Brill lays it out makes each step not only easy to follow, but also hard to resist.

Active Seniors HQ

Blood Pressure Down: An Apostle of the Mediterranean Diet

Active Seniors HQ | May 01, 2013

...Her message is unfailingly simple. Lifestyle is always the first strategy, first line of defense. You can pop all the pills in the world, but you won't live a long life unless you live the lifestyle as well and walk the walk. And even if you are in your 70s, studies have shown that even if you have not lived a heart healthy life, it's not too late...


Blood Pressure Down: An Apostle of the Mediterranean Diet | May 1, 2013

Her message is unfailingly simple. Lifestyle is always the first strategy, first line of defense. You can pop all the pills in the world, but you won’t live a long life unless you live the lifestyle as well and walk the walk. And even if you are in your 70’s, studies have shown that even if you have not lived a heart healthy life, it’s not too late.

My Cozie Corner

A Book Review of: ”Blood Pressure Down” by Janet Bond Brill, PH.D., R.D., LDN

My Cozie Corner | May 01, 2013 Review by: Susan Peck

Dr. Janet gives a fantastic explanation of hypertension and ways to control it. I found her 10 step plan to be easy to follow, understand and effective for me. I do suggest talking to your own doctor before starting, as everyone is different. Highly recommended for all who would like to learn how to control your blood pressure without meds.

I give Blood Pressure Down a 5 star rating.

Book review: 'Blood Pressure Down' by Janet Bond Brill | May 01, 2013 Review by: Sandra Cruz

“Blood Pressure Down” is a detailed, well researched book for anyone serious about lowering his or her blood pressure. The science behind each step is explained as well as how they each lower blood pressure.

Toronto Star

5 heart-healthy foods that lower blood pressure

Toronto Star | April 30, 2013

Without a hint of pain or discomfort, high blood pressure damages blood vessels, the heart, even your brain.

Many people don't know they're living with it until it's too late and suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Registered dietitian Janet Bond Brill says it's now a worldwide epidemic. She offers the five best foods to lower your blood pressure from her new book, Blood Pressure Down...

Blogcritics review of Blood Pressure Down by Janet Bond Brill

Book Review: Blood Pressure Down by Janet Bond Brill | May 01, 2013 Reviewed by: Patricia Faulhaber

Brill delivers a couple of messages with this book, “High blood pressure is the most preventable cause of premature morbidity and mortality in the United States and the world, and that lifestyle therapy is the cornerstone of treatment of the disease.”

What sets this 10-step plan apart is the simple way the author lays it out for the readers….The steps and the implementation are presented so that readers can easily start tomorrow.

Hope for Women Magazine

Behind Closed Doors

Hope for Women Magazine | April 9, 2013

One way to start eating healthier is to remove tempting foods filled with fat and sugar. If you're pantry is filled with chips and cookies it will be harder to resist temptation."

For those just starting to eat healthy, the old adage 'Fail to plan and you plan to fail,' could not be truer," says Dr. Janet Brill, nutritionist and author of Blood Pressure Down: The 10-Step Program to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks – Without Prescription Drugs (May 2013)."

The best way to prepare for healthy eating is to have a stocked and organized healthy pantry and refrigerator," says Dr. Brill.

Health and Fitness Post

Benefits of the DASH DIET

Health Fitness Post | April 5, 2013

Blood Pressure Down is unique in that it incorporates the DASH diet principles in addition to all of the additional heart-healthy lifestyle factors proven to lower blood pressure – combined together into one simple yet highly potent program – one that may even save your life.

Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND, LDN Nutrition, Health and Fitness Expert |
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