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What the Readers Say About Cholesterol Down

Your book and my wife have saved my life

Hello Dr. Brill,

I want to thank you for your book Cholesterol Down.
I am 68. I have been on 80 mg Lovastatin for many years.
My cholesterol reached an unacceptable level in August, 2017.
My doctor retested in May, 2018 and recommended adding Repatha as an addition to the statin.

I did not want to add more drugs to my body and I would quite frankly find it difficult to afford this new medication. My wife and I decided to research alternatives and my wife found your book. My wife constructed a diet of muffins in the morning and a bean salad for lunch that incorporated most of your essential foods. I have eaten all the recommended foods and added 30 minutes of treadmill exercise 5 days a week. My blood test results show a 43% reduction in LDL.

Thank you very much for your book. Your book and my wife have saved my life.

-Joe Powers

Lower Cholesterol

It worked!

Dear Dr. Janet,

After learning in January that my cholesterol numbers were off the charts, I found your book and implemented the steps faithfully for the Lenten season.

I revisited the lab April 6 and received word from my GP today. All my numbers came down: 29%, 37%, and 34% --- cholesterol, LDL, and non HDL, respectively.

Needless to say I'm thrilled! I plan to continue the steps (minus soy as it affects my thyroid) for ever! I sleep better, my hair is thicker, and my energy level is up.

Thank you for writing Cholesterol Down. It was truly a godsend for me.

-Lee Anne Howard

Cholesterol Down Book

Hello Janet!

Well I discovered your book online last December while researching how to lower my cholesterol without statins. Prior to this my cholesterol has always been on the "highish" side but doctors were never concerned as I was physically fit, had low blood pressure and was not overweight. Anyway, after knee surgery I had gained a bit of weight and wasn't able to exercise so on Nov. 4, 2014 I decided to change my diet and eliminate sugar, white flour and processed foods. This was difficult since Doritos and sugar in my coffee seemed to be essential to my taste buds!

Well, I did a great job with this diet but was eating lots of eggs, cheese and some meats. When I went to get my cholesterol checked after six weeks, I was horrified to learn that I had made it much worse.

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Cholesterol Down

Success with Cholesterol Down!


Just wanted to let you know that I’m 59 and was diagnosed in September, 2014 with total cholesterol of 238, LDL of 160, HDL 52 and triclycerides of 129 and normal blood pressure. The Dr. wanted me to immediately start Lipitor because of the high LDL. I asked if I could change my diet and be retested in 3 months. She was skeptical but agreed. I searched the internet and came across your book, Cholesterol Down.

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Cholesterol Down

I am thrilled with the results

Having read your book, I know that you often site case histories but I haven't seen any quite as dramatic as mine... Thank you for this evidence-based approach to managing cholesterol levels and improving general health. I feel great and am completely committed to continuing this program!  

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Cholesterol Down Book

All of the suggested food additives are easily available and easy to incorporate into my diet

Following the steps in Cholesterol has helped me reduce my cholesterol by 30 points. All of the suggested food additives are easily available and easy to incorporate into my diet. I no longer need to take a statin drug which caused bad side effects for me.

– Marilyn Heath
bring cholesterol down

I've tried lots of other programs but this is by far the best. IT DOES WORK

Surpassed all expectations. In about 6 weeks my Cholesterol went from 237 to 165 (72 pts.. and lowest in my life)... LDL went from 135 to 87 (48 pts. and lowest in my life...Triglycerides went from 275 to 174... (101 pts. I do not take Cholesterol drugs, although my physician wanted me to start on statins. NO WAY! I could only do 7 to 8 of the 10 steps and look at the results...

I've tried lots of other programs but this is by far the best. IT DOES WORK. IT'S EASY. AND SIMPLE TO DO. JUST DO IT!

– Minch
Lowering Cholesterol

Great book!

Followed the recipes for 3 months and lowered my cholesterol and LDL! Cholesterol went down 25 pts.and LDL went down 30pts. Recommend this program!

– Donna F.
Cholesterol Down

Big help

Got this two work on my cholesterol problem and it worked. I also bought a cookbook to help. I was able to lower my numbers by half and am now off my meds. Thank you for basic common sense advice. Easy to read and understand. I am glad I have this in my library.

– Bunnylover
Cholesterol Down

Great book and it worked! Lowered my cholesterol from 262 to 159 in 4 weeks

Buy this book and follow the steps to lower your cholesterol! I didn't follow all the steps but still was able to lower my cholesterol from 262 to 159 in 4 weeks by doing the following steps.
- Eat oatmeal for breakfast (two packets of original instant Quaker oatmeal with Silk non-sweetened almond milk)
- add two TBSP of flaxseed to oatmeal (Bob's Red Mill Organic Golden flaxseed).
- eat apples and almonds for snack
- eat salad for lunch and eat more beans from salad bar.
- eat more tofu
- walking more
- follow a low carb diet and avoid as much as possible animal meat and fat.

– Henry weekend warrior
Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND, LDN Nutrition, Health and Fitness Expert | janet@drjanet.com
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