Blood Pressure Down App - FAQ

Can I really lower my blood pressure in 4 weeks with the Blood Pressure Down plan?
Yes – you really can. Following a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine. If you stick to the 10-step plan mentioned in the Blood Pressure Down plan, you can easily lower your blood pressure in 4 weeks.
How does the app work?
After you accept the User Agreement, you’ll see the Welcome page which walks you through the simple steps for the setup and use. After checking with your doctor about beginning the Blood Pressure Down Plan, you can start tracking your progress.
Do I have to complete all 10 steps plan every day or can I start with just a few?
When it comes to preventing high blood pressure, its strength is in the numbers. The more steps added together on a daily basis, the lower your blood pressure would get.
Should I stop taking my medicines while I’m on the Blood Pressure Down plan?
No, definitely not. Talk with your doctor before starting the Blood Pressure Down plan. You should never stop taking any medication without getting permission from your doctor.
I'm already taking medicines. Is the Blood Pressure Down plan right for me?
It could be – talk with your doctor about it. The Blood Pressure Down plan lowers your blood pressure without prescription drugs.
What is the Notes page for?
Use this page to create and retrieve notes on any aspect of your Blood Pressure Down experience. You can write down a favorite recipe, workout details, or anything else you’d like to remember.
How can I track my progress?
You can view your BMI calculator and BP reading chart to get a quick glimpse of the progress. You can view and keep track of your BP readings – Max, Avg and Min – on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
I’d like more details on the science behind the Blood Pressure Down plan. Where can I get the book?
Book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Random House, Books-A-Million, iBookstore, and IndieBound.
What is difference between free and paid application?
While the Paid App will have all the 50 recipes, the Free App will have only 4 recipes. The Paid App is available for $2.99.
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