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Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 weeks

Without Prescription Drugs.
1 in 3 Americans suffers from high blood pressure.
Every 39 seconds, we lose another American
to a fatal heart attack or stroke.

"Diet, Not Drugs, Should Be the First Line of Defense."

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In BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN: The 10-Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks – Without Prescription Drugs, latest book by nationally recognized nutrition, health, and fitness expert and Cholesterol Down, author Dr. Janet Bond Brill shows how high blood pressure can be lowered and prevented quickly and safely-without the side effects of many blood pressure medications.
Blood Pressure Down book
Gold Medal Winner

Once again the brilliant Dr Brill has made the ubiquitous problem of high blood pressure an understandable disease for everyone. She has a knack for making cardiac disease simple to understand and conquer. She respects the medical field for its ability to treat the disease with prescription medications but emphasizes the absolute need for lifestyle changes in addition.

As a very busy cardiologist I am not able to give my patients comprehensive advice to lower their blood pressure through lifestyle change. This book is the ideal tool to supplement a doctor's visit to effectively lower a patient's blood pressure with or without medications.

This book is so comprehensive – it gives guidance on how to monitor one's blood pressure at home, reminds people about stroke symptoms, what type of exercise works best and of course the foods that can lower blood pressure.

The recipes at the end of the book emphasize how delicious a heart healthy diet can be, no deprivation of delicious foods here.

Patients often ask me how they can lower their cholesterol and blood pressure on their own. For years I have recommended Dr. Brill's first book “Cholesterol Down” and now I am happy to recommend this new “Blood Pressure Down” book not just to my patients but for everyone.

Annabelle S. Volgman, MD, FACC
Professor of Medicine, Rush College of Medicine
Medical Director, Rush Heart Center for Women
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I have mostly followed your blood pressure lowering exercise and food choices guidance for four months now and for example the reading this morning was 107/71, pulse 83, which is down from the 90s and 130s starting to be measured late last year. I also feel a lot more energy now. I will be 72 years old in one month. I have also referred many people to your books.

Thank you for a good no nonsense guide to continuing better health.

Carter Rose
Golden, OR
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Blood Pressure Down book suggests a 10-step Plan to
Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks
Without Prescription Drugs
Blood Pressure Down book
Gold Medal Winner
Health magazines & renowned health care professionals recommend it for:
  • Thorough and accessible plan
  • Convenient checklists, charts and meal plans
  • Over 50 delicious heart-healthy recipes
  • Practical and effective lifestyle tips
Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND, LDN Nutrition, Health and Fitness Expert
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