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Blood Pressure Down Testimonials
Heart Healthy Recipes

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge

 Dr. Janet, 
Wow!  What a great event thanks to you!!!  Positive comments were overflowing…everyone wanted your recipes…and everyone wanted to know when our next program is J…all good!  Thank you for being our guest speaker and sharing your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. 
Patricia Giambuzzi
Business Manager, Clinical and Ancillary Services, Main Line Health
Assistant to R. Kyle Kramer
Vice President, Clinical Operations, Main Line Health
(On November 11, 2014, the Women's Heart Initiative hosted The Delicious Side of Heart Healthy with nationally recognized cardiovascular nutritionist, health and fitness expert and published author “Dr. Janet,” Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND. It was an evening devoted to helping women: EAT WELL, FEEL GOOD, LOOK GREAT!)

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Annabelle S. Volgman, MD, FACC, Professor of Medicine, Rush College of Medicine, Medical Director, Rush Heart Center for Women

Once again the brilliant Dr Brill has made the ubiquitous problem of high blood pressure an understandable disease for everyone. She has a knack for making cardiac disease simple to understand and conquer. She respects the medical field for its ability to treat the disease with prescription medications but emphasizes the absolute need for lifestyle changes in addition.

As a very busy cardiologist I am not able to give my patients comprehensive advice to lower their blood pressure through lifestyle change. This book is the ideal tool to supplement a doctor's visit to effectively lower a patient's blood pressure with or without medications.

This book is so comprehensive – it gives guidance on how to monitor one's blood pressure at home, reminds people about stroke symptoms, what type of exercise works best and of course the foods that can lower blood pressure.

The recipes at the end of the book emphasize how delicious a heart healthy diet can be, no deprivation of delicious foods here.

Patients often ask me how they can lower their cholesterol and blood pressure on their own. For years I have recommended Dr. Brill's first book “Cholesterol Down” and now I am happy to recommend this new “Blood Pressure Down” book not just to my patients but for everyone.

 Annabelle S. Volgman, MD, FACC
Professor of Medicine, Rush College of Medicine
Medical Director, Rush Heart Center for Women

Jennifer H Mieres, MD, FACC, FASNC, FAHA, Professor of Cardiology & Population Health, Hofstra North Shore, LIJ School of Medicine

"A simple, holistic and achievable 10 step plan that is highly effective in reaching the ideal blood pressure in 4 weeks. Maintaining optimal blood pressure is critical in preventing heart disease and stroke."

Jennifer H Mieres, MD, FACC, FASNC, FAHA
Professor of Cardiology & Population Health
Hofstra North Shore, LIJ School of Medicine

Bob Niehoff

What the Readers Say

Dr Janet,

Thank you so very much for your book, Blood Pressure Down.  It has changed my life and I was able to lower my BP from a startling 160/99 to 130/80 in just 5 weeks and headed toward my goal of 120/70.

Your book is the best book I have read on nutrition and you explain why we should eat Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, which makes so much sense after reading your book.

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Forgive my rush to the conclusion, spilling Dr. Brill's thesis first: Americans, and increasingly other peoples too, are just not conscious of what we put in our bodies. We eat packaged filth because it's easier than thinking about food or paying attention to health effects. We don't cook at home, and we don't ask about what goes into the recipe. As a result, hypertension now sits at epidemic levels.

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"Brill does a good job of explaining that hypertension is a silent killer that hurts blood vessels without pain or symptoms and then causes huge problems, such as stroke, kidney failure, and heart attacks...anyone who wants to try non-drug approaches to lowering blood pressure can find much useful, potentially lifesaving information in this guide book."

– Karen Springen,



Great 10 step plan

The author starts this book off describing the ways in which this topic has affected her personally. She lists family members who have died from stroke, kidney failure due to complications of high blood pressure and she includes details about her father's heart attacks.

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Blood Pressure Down

Great step-by-step plan anyone can follow

Anybody who has high blood pressure and wants to bring it under control, and every doctor who treats patients with high blood pressure, should read this book.

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Blood Pressure Down Book

Very informative

I was impressed with the amount of helpful information I was able to glean from this book. I've read quite a few health and weight loss books, so getting NEW information that I had not learned before was surprising. I plan to pass the book on to my mother and younger sister, both of whom are being medicated for high blood pressure. After about a month of following the guidelines to the best of my ability, I feel healthier. And, on my doctor visit this week, my blood pressure was down to normal levels compared to what it's been over the past 7 months. I have never taken blood pressure meds, btw.

– Chris Jackson
San Antonio, TX United States


I have mostly followed your blood pressure lowering exercise and food choices guidance for four months now and for example the reading this morning was 107/71, pulse 83, which is down from the 90s and 130s starting to be measured late last year.

I also feel a lot more energy now. I will be 72 years old in one month. I have also referred many people to your books.

Thank you for a good no nonsense guide to continuing better health.

– Carter Rose
Golden, OR

Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND, LDN Nutrition, Health and Fitness Expert |
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