Cholesterol Down On the Go App - FAQ

Can I really lower my LDL significantly in 4 weeks with the Cholesterol Down plan?
Yes, you really can. Lifestyle medicine is powerful; the Cholesterol Down plan can lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol by as much as 47% in just 4 weeks when you stick to it daily.
How does the app work?
After you accept the User Agreement, you'll see the Welcome page which walks you through the simple steps for setup and use. After checking with your doctor about beginning the Cholesterol Down program, you can start tracking your progress.
Do I have to complete all 10 steps every day, or can I start with just a few?
The more steps you complete each day, the more powerful the lifestyle medicine. Start with whatever you can manage, with the goal of checking off all 10 steps each day.
Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Without Drugs
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Why focus on LDL cholesterol instead of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol?
Great question! Managing cholesterol can get confusing. Targeting LDL - the bad cholesterol - makes it easier. National health organizations specify that lowering LDL is the primary therapeutic goal for people with high cholesterol. And studies show that lowering LDL saves lives, prevents new heart problems, and even reverses plaque buildup.
Should I stop taking my statin medication while I'm on the Cholesterol Down plan?
No, definitely not. Talk with your doctor before starting the Cholesterol Down plan. You should never discontinue any medication without permission from your doctor.
I'm already on statins. Is the Cholesterol Down plan right for me?
It could be - talk with your doctor about it. The Cholesterol Down Plan can be used to supplement statin drugs to keep your dosages low enough to reduce the risk of dangerous side effects associated with higher statin doses.
What is the Notes page for?
Use this page to create and retrieve notes on any aspect of your Cholesterol Down experience. Jot down a favorite recipe, your workout details, or anything else you'd like to remember.
I'd like more details on the science behind the Cholesterol Down plan. Where can I get the book? Barnes and Noble
What does the Summary page tell me?
Use this page to track your weekly and monthly progress on each of the 10 steps. If you're achieving your oatmeal and walking steps at 100% for the week or month but are 50% for apples, beans, and psyllium, you'll know where to increase your efforts for the best LDL results. If there are steps you're not tracking, you'll see N/A listed under Week or Month instead of values.

Your first week begins with whatever day you start tracking and goes through the following Saturday. After that, your weeks will run from Sunday to Saturday. Your monthly tracking begins with whatever day of the month you start tracking and runs through the end of the month. After that, your monthly tracking will run from the first through the last day of each month.
On the LDL Tracker page, if I use the sharing option, will my friends see my LDL numbers?
No. The default message simply states that you've lowered your LDL cholesterol without prescription drugs using the Cholesterol Down app for Android. You can edit this message. We don't share your personal information with anyone, and we don't even see it.
Can I get a refund?
We're confident that you'll be pleased with the Cholesterol Down app. Our policy states that all sales are final.
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Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Without Drugs
Download Cholesterol Down On the Go App
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