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American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

The Mediterranean diet has long been celebrated as the gold standard of healthy diets for its highly palatable nature and favorable impact on the prevention of chronic diseases, promotion of greater longevity, and quality of life. A large body of scientific evidence has accumulated over the past several decades showing that Mediterranean-type diets are highly protective against the development of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and certain cancers.

Environmental Nutrition

When you’re pushing your shopping cart down the supermarket aisle, how do you know which cooking fat to select for heart health? Your choices are endless, from bottles of green olive oil a nd golden corn oil, to tubs of margarine and sticks of butter. However, some fats are clearly much better for your heart than others.

Today’s Dietitian

“The public is slowly but surely realizing the value of adding healthy fats to the diet. You can see it in the popularity of the Mediterranean diet, and the American Heart Association is no longer concentrating on low fat but on healthy fats,” says Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RD, LDN, a nutrition and fitness consultant and author

Aging Well

As people age, they typically share two overarching goals: to live a long life and to live a high quality of life. A winning strategy for achieving these goals is to defeat heart disease before it develops.

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Heart-Healthy Food Number 1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The centerpiece of the Mediterranean style of eating is olive oil a key factor in protecting against heart disease.

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