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Mediterranean Diet and Recipes The delicious and foolproof plan to prevent a heart attack – and actually reverse your heart disease.

Mediterranean Diet and Recipes – the delicious and foolproof plan to prevent a heart attack – and actually reverse your heart disease. Each year, roughly 1.5 million Americans have a heart attack – and the majority of them survive.

But research shows that just one year after their diagnosis, the vast majority of these heart attack survivors fail to adhere to the dietary changes that could prevent a second heart attack.

Why? Despite being highly motivated to change, they are confused by the vast amount of information available and overwhelmed and discouraged by the idea of a punishing, austere diet plan that banishes their favorite foods forever.

Prevention is better than cure!

Help is on the way from Dr. Janet Brill! Follow the straightforward, eight-point program in "Prevent a Second Heart Attack" 8 Foods, 8 Weeks to Reverse Heart Disease Book and reduce your risk of a second heart attack by up to 70 percent.

The book is not just about preventing a second heart attack. It suggests an effective Mediterranean diet plan and delicious Mediterranean recipes that keeps your heart healthy and reduces your risk of developing heart disease.

Inspired by the heart-healthy, time-proven Mediterranean diet, the plan is simple: incorporate eight key food groups – like olive oil, oatmeal, leafy greens, and even red wine and dark chocolate – into your daily diet, and get moderate exercise each day.

That’s it! Backed by cutting-edge research, Dr. Brill explains why each food is so important to your cardiovascular wellness, and gives you creative tips on how to get your daily dose. Packed with every tool you need – including daily checklists, a complete two-week eating plan, and dozens of mouth-watering recipes to suit every meal, taste, and budget – the program ensures that heart attack survivors and their loved ones will be satisfied, rather than deprived, as they eat their way to better heart health.

With the reassuring and accessible voice of a trusted health professional, "Prevent a Second Heart Attack Book" gives heart attack survivors the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to make simple – but life-changing-diet and lifestyle modifications to reverse their disease and live long, heart-healthy lives.

JANET BOND BRILL, Ph.D., R.D., LDN, is a leading diet, nutrition and fitness author, guest nutrition and health expert on national television and author of the book, Cholesterol Down: 10 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol In 4 Weeks Without Prescription Drugs. She specializes in cardiovascular disease prevention. Dr. Brill lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.

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Heart-Healthy Food Number 1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The centerpiece of the Mediterranean style of eating is olive oil a key factor in protecting against heart disease.

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